ANGRYSLERF Announces its Presale Launch on Solana!

Canberra-Australia, April 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Missed out on Solana’s $BONK, $SLERF, and $WIF? Don’t Miss out on #ANGRYSLERF

ANGRYSLERF Presale on Solana is Live Now!

We are thrilled to announce that ANGRYSLERF, the feisty and determined meme token taking the crypto world by storm, has opened its presale on the 29th of April 2024 at 19:00 UTC!

ANGRYSLERF is storming through the crypto canopy, fueling fury-fueled transactions without the rage tax. The tokenomics include a total supply of 100M tokens, 0% buy/sell taxes, and token allocations for presale, CEX listings and game/staking.

In addition, our early game (P2E V1) is already live and ready to play, with a simple but entertaining game loop! Head over to the game (through the socials below) and start feasting, resting, engaging, and chilling your way to the top! Steer clear of Pepe and Doge pitfalls as you climb the leaderboard. The upcoming V2 will unlock the true P2E mechanics, allowing you to earn tokens as rewards!

BitMart listing is confirmed;

Official Tweet from BitMart Exchange:

BitMart gives a massive exposure to new investors and is much easier to use than a decentralised exchange (DEX). Getting on a smaller exchange, to increase holders and generate more volume, is a steppingstone for #ANGRYSLERF to get on to bigger exchanges.


#ANGRYSLERF isn’t just another cryptocurrency; it’s a full-blown MOVEMENT! We’re on a thrilling adventure with Solana, a game-changing Blockchain poised to revolutionize our world in ways we’ve only dreamed of!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our furious ascent through the crypto canopy. The Angry Slerf revolution is yet to begin!

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