BEST Canadian Full Stocks ETF to Retire Early

BEST Canadian Full Stocks ETF to Retire Early
BEST Canadian Full Stocks ETF to Retire Early
Single ETF with Full Stocks Allocation for your entire investments that you can hold forever! All-In-One ETF solution that can simplify your investments 10x!

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Mutual Funds vs ETF:

A one-fund solution ETF such as the Vanguard All-Equity ETF portfolio (VEQT) eliminates the hassle of rebalancing when you make new contributions or when portfolio assets perform at different levels.

Also known as “one-ticket funds,” these all-in-one solution ETFs are great for beginners and experienced investors alike and also offer:

Advantages of Single ETF Portfolio:
1. Global diversification
2. Low management fees compared to mutual funds
3. Low-entry barrier with purchase possible using an online discount broker
4. Hands-free portfolio management
5. Accommodation for various risk profiles

This Vanguard ETF portfolio comprises of 100% equity holdings and is the most aggressive portfolio in their line of all-in-one ETFs.

Some of its key facts include:

Net assets: 0 million
Eligible accounts: RRSP, RESP, RRIF, TFSA, DPSP, RDSP, non-registered accounts
MER: 0.25%
Listing currency: CAD
Return on Equity: 13.7%
Price/Earnings ratio: 22.5x
Price/Book ratio: 2.3x
Earnings Growth Rate: 12.0%

VEQT Holdings

VEQT is an all-stock ETF and an aggressive portfolio. “Aggressive” in this case refers to the risk profile of the portfolio. it is more sensitive to market fluctuations than a “growth” or “balanced” portfolio.

If VEQT makes up 100% of your portfolio, you’d be expected to have an above-average risk tolerance and an investment plan to hold the ETF long-term.

VEQT has management expense ratio rounds up to 0.25%.

Also, since I have no plans to sell any portion of my holdings soon, I don’t need to worry about incurring trading fees.

On the flip side, you should note that VEQT is an all-equity portfolio. As we have seen in recent times, when the stock markets go crazy, investors with higher weighting in stocks will experience greater fluctuations in the value of their portfolios.

VEQT is designed for investors who have an above-average risk tolerance and who are okay with a portfolio that is entirely invested in stocks. It will fluctuate in value with the market, however, the increased risk can result in higher returns over time. There are opportunities to save a little bit of extra money if you are okay with holding a basket of two or more different low-cost Vanguard index ETFs and rebalance them when needed.

An equivalent all-in-one fund such as the XEQT offered by Black Rock has a lower 0.20% MER.

Aggressive portfolios are not suitable for everyone.

For those who want something in between, both firms also offer an all-equity ETF that can be combined with a traditional bond ETF in any proportion you want. The model portfolios include two-fund options for 30%, 50% and 70% equities.

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