4 of the Top Canadian Stocks I’d Buy With $1,000 Today

4 of the Top Canadian Stocks I’d Buy With ,000 Today

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There’s no question that the biggest advantage of the stock market is the opportunity it gives you to begin investing with even the smallest amounts of capital. As soon as you have the cash to invest, you can begin to start finding the top Canadian stocks to buy today.

This is a major opportunity. Without the stock market, you would need thousands or even millions to buy assets or businesses that could grow your money.

And these days, with the improvement in technology, you can now find investing platforms that even let you buy fractions of shares.

So, if you’ve got cash today and are looking for the top Canadian stocks to buy, here are four of the best to consider.

A top communications stock

After the pandemic hit and changed the way tonnes of industries do business, many are still working from home. The ease of working remotely has many benefits and should continue to be a growing trend, which is perfect for investors of Sangoma Technologies (TSXV:STC).

Sangoma is a tech stock that offers communications as a service. Even before the pandemic having high-quality communication was crucial for many companies. So, the stock is well positioned, as the industry is set to continue to grow over the years.

Plus, Sangoma sells both the hardware and software components necessary for high-quality communications. And with the incredible acquisitions it’s been making lately, Sangoma looks like it has a tonne of long-term growth potential.

So, if you’re looking for a top Canadian stock to buy today, Sangoma is a top recommendation.

A top Canadian growth stock to buy now

Another top Canadian stock you’ll want to buy and hold for the long term is Park Lawn (TSX:PLC). Park Lawn is a rapidly growing company in the death services industry.

This is an industry that has a tonne of long-term growth potential in addition to being an industry that will be around forever. Besides the industry, though, Park Lawn is a great investment, as it’s proven to be a top growth stock.

Through tonnes of acquisitions and organic growth, it’s managed to expand its operations rapidly.

The pandemic impacted revenue a bit due to stay-at-home orders and limits on the number of people who can gather. Going forward, though, it’s an incredible growth stock and one of the best Canadian businesses to buy and hold for the long term.

A top green energy stock to buy

Another industry where you can find great long-term investments is green energy. If you’re looking to invest today, I’d buy one of the top Canadian growth stocks in the industry: Northland Power (TSX:NPI).

Northland is one of the best businesses to buy for the long run. It’s been trading down this week after issuing a slightly negative earnings report. However, much of the negative news is short term, which has nothing to do with Northland’s long-term growth strategy.

It continues to offer one of the best ways to gain exposure to the rapid growth industry. So, this pullback is a good chance to buy the renewable energy stock while it’s still cheap.

And a more defensive stock like Northland is always a good idea, especially with a fourth COVID wave potentially looming.

One of the best financial stocks in Canada

Lastly, another top Canadian stock to buy now is goeasy (TSX:GSY). goeasy is a rapidly growing consumer loan business that continues to set new 52-week highs.

goeasy’s primary business model consists of loaning money to below prime borrowers. To compensate goeasy for the risk of lending to these below prime consumers, the company can charge a higher interest rate on its loans.

This should help offset the underperforming loans that may not get paid back. However, if goeasy manages to keep these underperforming loans low, it can earn some significant profits. And that’s exactly how the company has grown so rapidly.

goeasy has proven it’s one of the top Canadian stocks you can buy. However, with the stock having such an impressive performance, you may want to look to buy it on a pullback. But then again, I wouldn’t wait too long. You’ll want exposure to this rapid growth stock sooner rather than later.

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