And that’s a wrap: 2023 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC)

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre with 300 booths and 100 expert speakers.

At the epicentre of the event, corporate leaders met in the live Deal Room, discussing new ventures and potential partnerships.

Several company representatives chatted with Coreena Robertson to introduce their business and share a little of what they’re up to.

The conference hosted over 5500 investors who heard experts on six stages across the convention floor.

In our interview with the event host and creator Jay Martin, he stated it was his intention to offer attendees information on both sides of the coin, crafting an event by design and offering a balanced scale of opinions.

During the two-day event, a wealth of information was provided in solidifying the concepts around the growth of natural resources in 2023 and beyond. Some keynote speakers’ highlights include:

Lynette Zang ‘The Global Reset Independence Plan’

Lynette engaged a full room with her talk on purchasing physical gold, explained the true value of gold and entertained with her dollar-blowing gun.

Economic Ninja ‘Taking Advantage of the Next Great Real Estate Crisis’

Stressed the movement for good-hearted humans to buy up real estate before the big banks do and how to use debt with legal entities as well as the importance of having a like-minded social circle.

Former Liberal Leader Christy Clark and Former Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall were front and centre on the main stage for an intimate fireside chat with Jay Martin. The intimacy and candidness continued for the final talk, ‘Where will all the Smart Money Go in 2023?’, with speakers Frank Giustra, Rick Rule and Grant Williams.

Takeaways: invest in yourself invest in physical gold it’s a good time to have patience and cash

Gwen Preston, ‘Resource Maven,’ spoke on several resources. Some of her takeaways in regard to silver:

invest in value over growth stocks look for companies with re-ratings look for companies with advanced companies of scale look for under-recognized discoveries

During the conference, we spoke with several CEOs about their thoughts on various emerging topics, including what they think will go up the most in 2023, gold or lithium? While the majority were hands down with gold, lithium had strong support. New Age Metals CEO Harry Barr likes them both, “I’m a gold guy, and I like gold, and it’s a good place to be, but long-term lithium is in a good spot.” Fury Gold Mines – Bryan Atkinson shared an update on their flagship Eau Clair project in Quebec and believes that percentage-wise, lithium will rise higher than gold. 

For the grand finale, the conference wrap-up provided a summary from several of the speakers and engaged investors with the opportunity to ask any questions.

Conference season is well underway, and the appetite for investor attendance is returning to pre-pandemic levels. For investors that can’t make it to the shows in person, stay tuned for more From The Floor highlights and takeaways from The Market Herald.

Next up, PDAC, the world’s largest resource conference being held in Toronto from March 5-8, 2023. Stay tuned!

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And that’s a wrap: 2023 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC)